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Tune Me Out!

Have you ever been browsing the net and gone to a website where suddenly music is blasting from your computer? What is your very first reaction? Mine is to hit the back button. And I know for a fact I'm not alone! I know because I've spoken with many who have the same exact reaction.
If I'm sitting in my home on my computer, perhaps I have my own music CD or my iTunes playing in the background while I'm surfing. Someone's site that plays music overrides what I've got going. Nothing is more irritating than that! Since everyone has their own taste in music, its not a good idea to force your tunes on your innocent visitor. I say force because that music will start as soon as you enter the website whether they like it or not. That's not through a choice of the visitor. Nine times out of ten there is no way to turn this music off either.
Enjoying a few minutes of quiet while surfing with what little bit of free time I get each day is great. To have to listen to an awful midi music file when entering someone's site is nothing more than annoying plain and simple. I believe that's why headphones were invented. So everyone around you would not be subject to your music. The same goes for your computer (and mine). Please show a little respect for your visitor and make them want to stay. You've already got them to click your link. Don't try to dazzle with the unnecessaries.

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