Add A Category To Your Catalog

In order to add a product to your site, you first need to add a category for the product to sit in. Click on Categories under "E-Store" on the left hand side in your storeadmin.



You can either delete the example categories already there or rename them and use them. For this tutorial we are adding a new one. To add a new category, click on the Add button.



Add a title for your category. Example: Necklaces



Since we are making a category at this time and not a sub-category, leave the "Parent Category" blank.



The Nav Image, Header Image and List Image are normally left blank. They are only used if you want to add an image in place of a menu link, page title or category listing in your catalog. See definitions here.



Add a category description to the "Description Box". Make your descriptions keyword rich for search engine indexing when possible.



Add "Keywords" relevant to your category and try to pull them from your category description. Search engines crawl your site and compare written text to keywords and index accordingly.



Add a "Meta Title" to your category. This can also use relevant keywords but keep it short. This acts as a title when search engines add a link to your site when keywords are used to search. If you cannot think of relevant keywords for the Meta Title, use the category name as the Meta Title.



The way your products are laid out on the page will be set by default through the Catalog Setup area in the storeadmin. However, if you want a certain order for certain categories, you would use the "Layout" option to set that. Otherwise, leave it as N/A and the layout will be whatever was set up in the Catalog Setup area.



If you want your category to show up on your website in your menu, set "Active" to Yes.



Now click the "Add Category" button at the bottom of the page.



When you view your category listing now, you should see the new category you just added. This shows up as a link on your website.




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