Catalog Setup Defined

Catalog Setup variables affect your shopping cart catalog on your site. Enter the following variables as needed:

Mals-E Cart ID: Enter your Mals-E cart account number (not password) here

Inv Limit: Inventory messages will display only if the inventory quantity is less than this value

Mals-E Server: Enter the server prefix (ie. www, ww4, ww7, etc.) of your Mals-E cart

Inv Check: Do you want the system to stop someone from trying to order more than is in stock? Set Yes to limit them, No to allow backorders

Currency: Enter your currency symbol

Item Select: Do not display the item drop down box in the administration area (a good solution for larger stores)

Image Height: Enter the pixel height at you wish to display your thumbnail images, or leave blank to use the actual height of the thumbnail

Related Images: Do you want to display images next to each related product?

Image Width: Enter the pixel width at you wish to display your thumbnail images, or leave blank to use the actual width of the thumbnail

Page Numbers: Select Yes to display page numbering (ie. 1 | 2 | 3 ...) or No to just display Previous and Next links

Item Images: How many thumbnail images would you like to display for each item?

Price Discount: Do you want to set price discounts (ie. give lower prices for multiple item purchases)?

Item Options: How many options (ie. colors, sizes, styles, etc.) do you want to add per options?

Tax/Costs: Set this to Yes if you want to log your product cost and add a tax amount for items

Item Rows: How many rows of items do you want to display on one page?

Out of Stock: Select Yes to display out of stock items with an "unavailable" message. Select No if you don`t want to list out of stock items

Layout Style: Show your products in a single column, double column, triple column, multiple column links, or a no-image grid listing

Featured Link: Do you want to display a Featured Item link on your navigation section if featured items exist?

Text Nav Bar: If you use a vertical link navigation, you can choose to display only the main categories (Vertical Display), main and sub categories (Vertical Subcategories), or only the main categories until a category is clicked - at which time the subcategories will appear (Expanded Categories). This field has no bearing on other navigation types.

New Item Link: Do you want to display a New Item link on your navigation section?

Order Process: Would you like to list the cart in a standard web page, or embedded into an i-frame on your site? If you choose an i-frame, it will pull out of that i-frame when customers finish their purchase

Note: Not all browsers can read frames. Therefore some people using those browsers might not be able to go through checkout if the Order Process is set to i-frame.

All Item Link: Do you want to display an All Item link on your navigation section?

Main Categories: When a category has subcategories, do you want to display those subcategories with links, display just the products for that category and all its sub-categories, or both the links and the products?

Sale Link: Do you want to display a Sale Item link on your navigation section if sale products exist?

Product Order: How would you like to order your products?

Order Button: If you would like to remove the order button, set this value to No. Otherwise, set it to Yes.

Registry Type: If you want to include a gift registry on your site, make a selection here. Choose a bridal or baby registry for a specific registry setup, or a gift registry for a general one that can be used for many occasions

Limited Qty: If you want to display a message that will appear when there is a limited number of items in stock, enter it here. Set this to 0 to completely remove the # in stock from displaying on your page.

Related Msg: If you want to display a message that will appear when there are related products for an item, enter it here

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