* The Client Area and what it is for

The client area is for managing your account with PappaShop (not for maintaining your website).

From within the client area you can do the following:

  • Update your profile
  • Update or add a credit card on file if your hosting bill is being paid via credit card
  • Manage your hosting account
  • Manage any domains you have purchased from PappaShop
  • Manage invoices from PappaShop
  • Submit a support ticket
  • Read support tickets
  • Order additional space for your website by upgrading to a premium account
  • Order a new domain
  • Order extras for your site such as a premium web template or an alteration to Pappa-Pak
  • See a listing of all products/services you have ordered
  • Review a history of any and all emails sent to you by PappaShop (including login info and support ticket responses)
  • Access your webmail
  • Access your cPanel
  • Access your storeadmin


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How can I change the credit card information I use to pay my hosting fees?

Log into your Client Area Click on Billing Click on Manage Credit Card Details  

How to change the credit card info on file

Log into your Client Area and click on the Billing / Manage Credit Card.

How to access the Client Area

If you go to the main page of our website, you will see the link at the top of the page.   Note:...

How to update or add an additional contact

Log into your client area.Click the button that says "+New Contact". It is right underneath your...

How To Get Domain EPP Code

Log into the client area. Click on Domains Click on My Domains Click on the button next to...