How To Transfer My Domain To PappaShop

**Transfers can only be started if your domain has more than 10 days left before it needs renewed**
**Transfers can only be started if it has been more than 60 days since you purchased the domain.**

1. Get EPP Authorization Code ( get this from your current domain registrar )
2. Unlock domain
3. Turn privacy information turned off
4. Make sure the admin email address is current on your domain account so you will receive the confirmation email to activate the transfer.

The first 4 steps are important so be sure to complete those before moving on.
After completing the above, follow these steps:

Log into your client area at PappaShop. Click on the Domains / Transfer Domains to Us.

Fill in your domain name in the box provided then click the Check Availability button.

Note: You will not be registering your domain again, but the transferring process will renew the domain for another year.

Upon seeing the message "Congratulations, we can transfer (your domain name) to us for just $11.99", click the Click to Continue button.

On the next screen fill in the EPP code that was given to you by your registrar. If you want ID protection, check the ID Protection box (optional and additional fee of $4.99 anually).

The nameservers should be set to "Use default nameservers for our hosting" if you already have a hosting account with us or will have a hosting account with us. Leave the nameserver information you see written in the nameserver boxes as they are and move to the next step.

Click the Update Cart button.

On the next screen you will see payment details such as your credit card, name, address etc. Add the CVV number to the form, check the Terms of Service agreement box and click the Complete Order button.

You will receive an email with a authorization link in it, that is important that you click the link and approve the transfer. Without clicking this link, the transfer will fail, and the process will have to start over again. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours please send in a support ticket to the helpdesk and we will look into the issue.

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