Add Categories & Products To Your Store 17

Learn about categories, subcategories, products, attributes and more.

Add Images To Your Site 18

Learn more about how to add and manage your images.

Add Pages To Your Site 10

Learn how to add and manage the pages of your website.

Administration Tab 11

Site Settings, Fonts & Colors, Catalog Setup, Social Media, Password, Backup

Advanced Tab 8

Default Items, Popup Pages, Featured, Members, Print Catalog, Global Updates, Export Data

E-Store Tab 6

Orders, Sales Reports, Item Reviews

Site Extras Tab 10

Gift Registry, Wholesale, Gift Certificates, Event Calendar, Weblinks, Guestbook, Articles, FAQ Creator, Affiliates, Price Search

Website Tab 5

Learn about Fav Icons, Product Layouts, Image Types & General Template Info

Website Template 8

All about how to apply a template, edit a template, add a logo to your template and more.


 Quick Start Guide

Accessing Your Storeadmin Once you have your website login, you can log in and start adding...