Quick Start Guide

Accessing Your Storeadmin

Once you have your website login, you can log in and start adding content and products to your site. To access your storeadmin, go to yourdomain.com/storeadmin or use the temporary URL given in the email on how to point your domain to PappaShop.

Adding & Editing Pages

The first thing you want to do is edit the main page of your site. This way you become familiar with how the WYSIWYG editor works and you see how to add / edit pages within your site.

Edit your main page

  • Go to Website / Pages in your storeadmin

  • Choose the page you want to edit (main page is called index.htm) and click on the Edit link next to that page name.

  • When you're all finished editing the page, click the Update button.

Add a new page

  • Go to Website / Pages in your storeadmin

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and click on Add New Page.

  • When you're all finished click the Add button.

Categories & Products

Next you will want to add categories for your products to sit in. This keeps your products organized. Subcategories are handy if you want to further organize. For example, you sell Jewelry (category) such as Bracelete, Necklaces & Earrings (subcategories of Jewelry).

Adding Categories

  • Go to E-store / Categories

  • Click on the Add button to add a new category.

  • When you're all finished, click Add Category.

Adding Subcategories

  • Go to E-store / Categories

  • Click on the Add button to add a new category.

  • When you are finished click Add Category.

Domain Based Email

Create A New Email Account

Log into your Cpanel (Control Panel) and click on Email Accounts 
Fill in the info where it says Add POP e-mail account. Then click Add. 
Make sure to add a larger MB number then the default 200 MB quota. If you do not do this, it may cause you issues later on.
Note: You have to tell the contact page to use that email address by clicking on Site Settings in the storeadmin area and putting the email address in where it says administration email and then click Update.

Accessing Webmail

Go to http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail replace yourdomain.com to your website name 
username: enter the full email address of the email account you would like to access (example: name@yourdomain.com)
password: email account password
We recommend you use Horde or RoundCube

How To Get Help

Our Knowledgebase Tutorials
If you get stuck or have a question, please submit a support ticket

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