Add A New Page To Your Site

  • Log into your storeadmin

  • Go to Website / Pages

  • Scroll down and click Add New Page

Page Details

Give your page a Page Title. Then click in the Page Name box and a page name will be generated for you.This is the actual file name you will see in your URL. Example:

The Show Title option should be set to Yes if you want the page title to show up on your page. This is optional.

Set the page to Active if you want this page to be an active part of your site. If set to no then no one will be able to view that page even if Show Link is set to Yes.

Set Show Link to Yes if you want a clickable link for the page, in your menu.

Optional Images The next two options are usually left blank.

 Nav Image:  Replaces text in menu with an image.

 Header Image: Replaces a Page Title with an image.


Page Content

* Before you begin editing your page, you may want the content box bigger. You can click on the full screen icon on the WYSIWYG editor to expand the page view so you get a full page view while you're working. Click it again when you're done editing if you want to bring the window back down to size.

FYI: You can hold your cursor over the WYSIWYG icons to see what each of them do.

Add your page content to the content box. Here you can add text, change the font face, font size and color if you wish. You can set the formatting to left justified, center, right justified or justify.

SEO Tip: Make your content keyword rich and relevant to what you are offering. Then when you add keywords in the next step, you can pull keywords from what you have written. When the search engines crawl your site, they will index it accordingly.


Search Engine Optimization

Meta Titleis another key feature for search engines. When you do a search, those bold clickable links are "meta titles".

Meta Descriptionsare what you see when you do a search on a search engine. These descriptions show up right under the links you get as a result of a search.

When adding Key Words, make sure to separate with a comma and no spaces between comma and next word. Be sure to choose words that you used in your page content. This way search engines can crawl your site and compare keywords listed below to the text written above.


Page Groupings

Page Groupings are usually for those websites that have more than one "pages" menu on your site. For example you have a menu across the top of your page as well as on the left hand side or at the bottom. Whatever group you choose, will determine the menu that the link for this page shows up in. If you have a single menu for your pages, leave the page groupings blank.


Optional Theme

By default your entire site uses whatever template is assigned through the Template link in your storeadmin. If you had a specific template installed just for the index page alone, you would assign that template here. Otherwise, leave this setting set to "Select Template".

Click Addwhen you're finished. The page you just created will now show up in your menu and be available for our viewers to see.

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