Create Image Sub-Folders

This tutorial will show you how to create image sub-folders for sorting your images. Please Note: The only way to access these sub-folders once they are created is through the storeadmin area using the image icon on the WYSIWYG editor.

Create Image Sub-Folders

  • Log into your C-Panel
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on File Manager
  • Click on the public_html Folder Icon (not the words)
  • Click on the Images folder Icon (not the words)
  • Click on Create New Folder (click on the text, not the file folder)
  • Type in your folder name, click Create
  • Click on the Folder Name you just created (click on the text not the folder)
  • Click on Change Permissions
  • Click on all of the little boxes then click submit (you may have to uncheck the box then check it again to save the settings)
  • Note 777 now appears on the right hand side as permissions have been set

Add Image From Sub-Folder To Page

  • Click on Image Icon on WYSIWYG editor
  • Choose Sub-Folder from dropdown menu
  • Add photo from sub-folder
  • Click Update

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