Affiliate System ( using MTracker )

The purpose of the affiliate system "mTracker" is to provide the basic functionality required to log click-throughs from those websites by potential customers and then register their order. If you would like to offer an affiliate program on your site this tutorial will show you how. Affiliate commissions are calculated automatically.

How it works

The affiliate system "mTracker" is handled by Mals-e entirely, The Site Builder will give your clients the ability to apply online through your website.

They visit your affiliate page where they create their new account. This information is passed to Mals-e where a account is created for them, a simple Admin area where they can view statistics of their click-throughs and the commissions they have earned. They can also view the code for any buttons, banners or text links that you wish them to use.

Before an affiliate can start to earn commission, you have the opportunity to approve them first or decline there application, you will need to notify each applicant and let then know if they have been approved or not.

Tracking is done by cookies. You can choose how long the cookie remains available in the customer's browser. Any purchase a customer makes after the cookie has expired will not be registered. All transactions may be edited manually before you allocate the commission.

Please note: This affiliate system "mTracker" only calculates your affiliates commissions, you will need to pay your affiliates directly.

Log into your storeadmin, click on the "Affiliates" link on the right under site extras.

Go to Site Extras / Affiliates 
Then go to Website / Pages and click on "Edit" next to the affiliate.htm page
Anything added to the contact area will show up above the affiliate application

Everything else will be configured in your mals-e account. Log into your mals-e account. On your Mals-e admin home page, check the box next to "Show mTracker", then click on the update button.

Click on "YES"
Click on "Setup program"

Configure your affiliate program, enter program name, description and link to a page that contains information on your affiliate program. Commissions paid by lead or by sale  (Lead meaning per click). Now set up your affiliate payouts, Flat rate or percentage. Enter the number of days the affiliate cookie remain active, if set to 1 the purchase must be made on the same day the affiliate banner or link was clicked on for the affiliate to get credit. Click update program.

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