Orders ( viewing, editing, adding, marking order status )

When you first click on Orders in the storeadmin you will see a list of options. Use this area to view orders that have been placed through your shopping cart. Select the following:


  • Ordered Between: Select the starting and ending month and year. Orders displayed will be between, and will include, these two dates.
  • Keywords: If you wish to search only for orders with certain words in the bill to or ship to name, enter the words in the keyword box. The keyword search will also find a partial or entire email address, or an order number.
  • Status: You can display all orders, or limit your results more by displaying only on order items, only items shipped, only items that are back ordered, only items cancelled or only items that have been processed and are completed. Note that you are responsible for updating the status of each order, so if you have not changed the status of any of your orders, do not select a status here.
  • Order By: If you wish to display the orders in a particular order, select the order here. You can choose to display the orders by order date (newest first or oldest first), order totals (highest totals first or lowest first), number of items sold (highest first or lowest first), or by customer name (A to Z or Z to A).


Orders are displayed with general information listed.


  • Adding Orders: To add a new order, select the `Add New Order` button, then enter all the fields needed for that order.
  • Editing Orders: To edit an order, select the order number link for the order you wish to edit, and enter all the fields needed for that order.Note: "Extra" is a note that you can add that only you can see. "Message" is a note that you can add that will be on the printed invoice for the customer to see.
  • Deleting Orders: To delete an order, select the "Delete" link next to the order you wish to delete.
  • Packing List and Labels: To view or print a packing slip or label for an existing order, click the "Pack Slip" or "Label" links next to an order.


To change the details on a packing slip:

  • Log into your storeadmin
  • Click on Orders
  • Click on Packing Slip Details
  • Edit the packing slip details then click update

Note: To change the business name printed at the top of the invoice, click on Site Settings in the storeadmin and change the Company Name to what you want it to say.

To Mark An Order's Status

By marking an order's status, your customer can log onto the Order Tracking page (if you have that page activated on your site) and put in their order # and check the status of their order. Its a convenience for your customer.

When you prepare an order to ship, click on Orders on the left hand side of your admin, then choose "On Order" from the dropdown menu. A list of all orders yet to be shipped will be listed. Click on the order number and you can mark an item as On Order, Shipped, Backordered, Cancelled or Completed.

When a customer clicks on Order Tracking from your menu, they will be asked to put in their order number. Once they do that, they will be able to find out the status of their order depending on how you marked it. This is a good way for you to keep track of whether or not an item has been paid for, shipped and filed.
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