Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are used to allow customers to purchase gifts for friends and family. While the gift certificate area on your site does track the issue and redemption of certificates, it will not create a certificate for you. You must either physically create a certificate with the correct issue number and mail it to your customer, or email them with the issue number and details.

Gift Certificate Setup

To set up your certificates, first fill out the setup information below. You will also need to modify your Mals-E account, to take gift vouchers.

Description: Enter a short description of the gift certificates. If you leave this field blank, the description 'Gift Certificates' will be used.

Send Via: How do you plan to send certificates? Enter a short description (ie. Email, Mailed, etc.), which will be displayed on the certificate page. If you leave this blank, the method "Email" will be used.

Certificate #1-4: For each certificate, enter an amount (without currency marker) for this certificate. It is best that you do not change these amounts if an outstanding certificate exists for this amount. Note that after you enter an amount and save, the system will show you what the next recommended issue number for this amount should be.

Expire Within: Enter the number of months in which a certificate is valid. After this time, it will be considered expired.

Note: After setting up or changing your gift certificate fields, you must access your Mals-E cart setup and modify the gift vouchers. Gift certificates will not work until you have modified your Mals-E cart properly. View the help screens in the Mals-E area to complete your gift certificate setup.

View Certificates

You can view all gift certificates here.

Certificate: Select a gift certificate from the drop down box to view the individual certificate, or select 'All Certificates' to view a list.

Order By: Select the order in which you wish to display the certificates here.

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