The web page area is used to edit content on existing pages, add new pages or delete pages, and add, edit or delete pop up pages for your products. You can add unlimited pages and pop up pages as needed.

Page Options

  • Activation: From the initial page list, select "Activate" or "Deactivate" under the "Active?" heading to either show or not show that page. If the page is deactivated, all of your content will remain, but the page will simply not be visible to customers. (The page will not be permanently deleted.) When someone tries to access that page, they will get a file not found error.
  • Link Order: If you wish to change the order in which the links appear in your navigation bar on your site, use the handle next to each page to drag it to a new position.
  • Editing Page Content: Edit any page's content by selecting the page you want to edit and clicking the "Edit" link. Update the field values and save your changes. The page you update will automatically be changed on your site.
  • Adding New Pages: You can add unlimited additional pages through the system, by clicking the Add New Page link. These pages will use the same site design as your other pages, so there's no need to modify the page design for the page. Just enter the title, content, page name (minus the extension) and other fields as desired (see above). Click Add to save the page. New pages are automatically displayed on the site.
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