*Website Manager (storeadmin) 79

Maintain your website, install a template, add pages, images, products etc to your site. This is your starting point.

Add-Ons & Extras 6

Learn how to install a newsletter script, site counter for your site, Wordpress blog, Fav Icon and much more!

CPanel 28

This is where you would set up email accounts, check web stats and install third party software.

DNS and Domain Names 9

Introduction to Domain Name Server and tutorials that show you how to change the nameservers for your domain.

Email 46

Introduction to domain based email and tutorials that show you how to create an email account, how to set up Spam Assasin and more.

Frequently Asked Questions 27

These are the most common questions we encounter.

Google & SEO 8

Adding anything Google to your site such as Google Verify, Google Adsense etc.

Images 13

Image help with Pixel Resizer, Photoplus 6, Paint Shop Pro and Adobe. Watermarking, resizing etc.

Mals-e Cart 33

Set up shipping, gift certificates, payment methods and more. This is the shopping cart your site uses.

PappaShop Templates FAQ 14

Have questions about our Free & Premium templates? Look here for answers.

SEO Information 9

Information about Search Engine Optimization using Pappa-Pak

Your Client Area 12

Hosting Account, Domains, Support Tickets, Account Details, Change Credit Card Info, Order Templates or extras, etc.

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