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Say NO to Wacky Text!

A paragraph that is left justified is easy on the eye because its what we are used to reading and the eye knows just where to focus automatically for the next line of text. When you purchase a book, you will notice that the paragraphs are all left justified, not centered. The reason for this is because the eye can follow the straight line of text better if the starting point is lined up each time the eye moves to the next line of text.
Centered content is not only harder to read, its a tacky and unprofessional thing to do to your website. Take a look at the examples below. The first sample text is centered, green and just plain difficult to read if you can see the font it was typed out in.
Example 1
Some people even go so far as to center their text and use different fonts and different colors for each paragraph they write. Can you really read this paragraph without reaching for your shaded bifocals? If your visitors find things hard to read, they will not stick around. This hurts my eyes already and its just a sample paragraph! 
Example 2
I sure hope you have this font installed on your computer because
if you don't you wont see how pretty it is. No matter how many fonts you use on your web site,
if your visitor does not have that font
installed on their own computer they will not see your content in that font. They will see it in Times New Roman by default. Most likely you had to enlarge the font size of this
fancy font you wanted to show off which means viewers without that font will see it as Times New Roman by default.
Not only will your customers find this all hard on the eyes and not take you seriously, they probably will not stick around to find out what you're selling or actually read what you have to say. Do yourself a favor and keep your content text simple, neat and clean. Your visitors will thank you!

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