I can receive emails but cannot send them. Why is that?

 There may be a few reasons why you are unable to send email:

  • Make sure that your outgoing mail server on your POP client is pointing to smtp.yourdomainname.com (where yourdomainname.com is your domain name).
  • Some Internet providers have started blocking port 25 in an attempt to help prevent direct to MX spamming, and abuse of open proxies and relays from their dialup and broadband customers.

    This causes email clients not to be able to contact the hosting account mail server directly to send outbound emails. Receiving emails, though, works fine.

    To get around this, customers are having to put their ISP's mail server name into their mail client settings on their pc so the mail can then be forwarded from the ISP's mail server to their hosting account's mail server and on to the recipient.  The email still shows it's from the correct sender's mail address - not the ISP's domain name.

    Here is a list of some of the major ISPs that do this and their mail server names:


Website For Verification
AOL: May require port 587 for smtp http://www.aol.com
Earthlink: smtpauth.earthlink.net http://www.earthlink.net
Aliant / NbTel: smtp.nbnet.nb.ca, smtp.vibe.net, smtp.aibn.nb.ca http://www.aliant.net
Comcast: smtp.comcast.net http://www.comcast.com
Sympatico: smtp1.sympatico.ca or smtp8.sympatico.ca http://www.sympatico.ca
AT&T: mailhost.att.net http://www.att.net
Netzero: smtp.netzero.com http://www.netzero.net
Charter Communications: smtp.charter.net http://www.charter.com
MSN: smtp.email.msn.com Check With Your MSN Provider
BellSouth.net: mail.bellsouth.net http://www.bellsouth.net
Rogers: May require port 587 for smtp http://www.rogers.com/
Cox.net: smtp.east.cox.net (CT, FL, GA, LA, NC, OH, RI, VA); smtp.central.cox.net (KS, NE, OK, UT, West TX); smtp.west.cox.net (AZ, CA, NV);

smtp.cox-internet.com (for @cox-internet.com customers
in AR, ID, LA, MI, East TX, Tyler). Port 587 may also be required for SMTP

  • If you are trying to send to a Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or other externally hosted account and the emails are not being delivered to the respective inbox, please check the spam, junk or bulk folder.
For Example:
  • If your forwarding address is a hotmail account, please check the sensitivity of the Junk E-Mail Filter. Hotmail says that "...at Enhanced and Exclusive levels, wanted messages are occasionally identified as junk e-mail. Check the junk e-mail folder regularly to make sure wanted e-mail has not been moved there."
  • If your forwarding address is a yahoo account, please go to the Bulk folder and check if Yahoo's SpamGuard is turned on. Yahoo says that "...While we make our best efforts to deliver solicited commercial and non-commercial email directly to your inbox, a non-spam message may be delivered to your Bulk folder on occasion. For this reason, we recommend that the recipient check this folder periodically to ensure important messages are not missed."

NOTE: As an alternative to checking your mail using a POP client we suggest that you use Horde or Squirrel Mail available from inside your CPanel under "Email".

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