How to upload a file through your CPanel and then link to it from your site

This tutorial will show you how to upload extra files (such as pdf) and link to them on one of your pages or in a product description etc.

Log into your CPanel

To access your CPanel through the client area follow these instructions.

Log into your client area

Click on Services / My Services then click on the Active button next to your hosting plan.

Click on Log Into CPanel on the left hand side. No username or password needed.


Upload File

Click on File Manager in the left hand menu.

Click on public_html link on the left hand side.

 Click on the Upload button at the top of the page.

Click on the Select File button and find your file to upload.



Link To File From Your Website

Log into your storeadmin and go to the page or product you want to add the link to.

Put your text on the page and highlight the part you want to add the link to.

Then click on the chain link icon on the editor and type in the URL for your file. It would be something like this: (change and the filename.pdf to your own).

Click OK when you are finished and save your page.

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