Have you been getting calls from SEO companies?

Our words of advice to you is to not pay this company, or any company for that matter, who calls you up to tell you what is wrong with your site and for x amount of money they can "fix" that for you. These scam artists are simply looking to make money from unsuspecting people. What they're doing is called "cold calling" in hopes that someone will take the bait. You can add more keywords, better meta descriptions and better titles without the help of an outside company. And while there used to be a need to submit your site to search engines, these days, the search engine robots will find you by spidering your site and indexing it based on the keywords you enter vs. the written content on your site.

Check your site stats which can be found in your CPanel under Stats (awstats). If you scroll down, you can see a list of search engines that have been to your site. Do whatever tweaking you want to do to your keywords and meta titles/descriptions and check the stats again in a week or two. Being indexed well on an search engine takes time. Link exchanges with websites that have a good ranking with search engines is a good way to get search engines to come to you. Just like keywords and content, link popularity is key to having your site ranked well.

Ask this company how they found you if your keywords are so bad that you don't rank well with search engines. PappaShop does not share or sell their client list with anyone, for any reason. The only way to have found you was through some sort of internet search.

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