If you build it they will come?

Unfortunately this is only true in a particular movie. Think of yourself as the new coffee house in town. You're competing against other shops who have been around a while and are well established. Some, are well known by their name alone. You are the new kid in town and getting people to know you're there takes hard work and dedication on your part.

We design your website, get you online and then you promote your own business. You can do this through word of mouth, ads in magazines, banner advertisements on forums and places that offer paid banner ads, link exchanges etc. Companies that promise to build you a site that will guarantee traffic and sales are misleading you. This is something you have to work hard at.

As far as search engines finding you, our software system allows you to easily add keywords, meta-titles & meta-descriptions on every page, within every catalog category and with each individual product you ad. All of these help search engines when they crawl your site.

For more information on how to bring traffic to your site, see this helpful article called "Increase Website Traffic"

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