Pop Up Pages

Pop up pages are used to add a link in your item description to view more information. For instance, if you want to let customers view a pop up page that shows all the colors available and additional descriptions, you can add that page in this area, then select the page in your item administration area.

Pop-Up Pages

  • Adding Pop Up Pages: To add a new pop up page, select the `Add` button, then enter all the fields needed for the pop up page.
  • Editing Pop Up Pages: To edit a pop up page, select the pop up page you wish to edit, then select the `Edit` button, and enter all the fields needed for that pop up page.
  • Deleting Pop Up Pages: To delete an item, select the pop up page you wish to remove, then select the `Delete` button, and confirm the deletion of that pop up page.

Note: Up to 5 popup pages can be added per product. In order to add popup pages to your products, create the popup pages first.

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