Print Catalog

Use this area to create a paper order form or mini catalog that you can distribute to customers or hand out at shows.

  • Show Images in Catalog: Check this box if you wish to display a thumbnail image on the catalog printout. This displays only the first thumbnail image for the item.
  • Split First Product Options: Check this box to display products with initial options as separate items.
    • ex.) You sell a T-Shirt for $10.00 that has an initial option, "Size", where the choices are "Small" for no additional amount, or "Large" for an additional $2.00 ($12.00 total).
    • If this box is checked, two separate products will be listed, "T-Shirt Small" for $10.00 and "T-Shirt Large" for $15.00.
    • If this box is not checked, only one item will be listed, "T-Shirt". Under the item name and description, will be the choices "Small" or "Large" for an additional $2.00.
  • Hide Out of Stock Items: Check this box if you do not want to show items that are out of stock.
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