How to use the Backup feature in Cpanel

Please Note: Full Backups allow you to save a complete, compressed copy of all of your site data either to your home directory locally or remotely to an FTP server. Full backups CANNOT be restored by CPanel automatically. Only your server administrator can restore a full backup automatically. If you want to be able to use CPanel to restore your backup files, you must use the separate HOME, SQL, ALIASES and FILTERS backup features, and then you can restore them below.

If you are uncomfortable with restoring from a backup, please submit a support ticket and ask for help.

For the video tutorial version of this please click the following link, otherwise follow the tutorial below: Video Version of this Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to backup your website in cPanel.

1.) Login to the cPanel - (replace yourdomain with your own personal domain name).

2.) Click on the “Tools” icon on the upper menu.

3.) On the left hand side click on “Download/Upload Backup File”.

There are a few different options for you when backing up your files. One option is to backup the entire site and all subfolders. You can backup to your Home Directory on your server or to a remote FTP server. If you select Remote FTP Server from the drop down menu, you will need to enter your FTP host address and login information as well.

Either way, enter in an email address. You will be notified when the backup is complete.

As you can see, the email will confirm a successful backup. You will also see where the backup files will be stored.


While a full backup includes all files including configuration, logs, etc., you can also just backup your /home directory to your hard drive.

1.) Click on the link that says “Download” under the “Download Today’s Backup File”.

2.) A Save dialog box will appear. Click the “Save” button. The “Save As” box will then appear click “Save”.


It’s important to note that if you just backup your local drive, you will not be saving your MySQL data. However, you can do that separately by clicking the “Affiliate” link and saving it as explained above.

You can also selectively backup specific folders or sub domains by clicking the files you want backed up under the “Download an Aliases Backups”.



Submit a support ticket and we will instruct you where to send that saved file so we can do the restore for you.

Restoring Your Data

Note: You can create a folder on your computer called “Backups”. So that you can save all your backups in one easy location.

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