*Catalog Setup Defined

  • Mals-E Cart ID: Enter your Mals-E cart account number (not password) here
  • Currency: Enter your currency symbol and select your ISO 4217 currency code
  • Mals-E Server: Enter the server prefix (ie. www, ww4, ww7, etc.) of your Mals-E cart
  • Inv Limit: Inventory messages will display only if the inventory quantity is less than this value
  • Out of Stock: Select Yes to display out of stock items with an "unavailable" message. Select No if you don't want to list out of stock items
  • Inv Check: Do you want the system to stop someone from trying to order more than is in stock? Set Yes to limit them, No to allow backorders
  • Order Process: Would you like to list the cart in a standard web page, or embedded into an iframe on your site? If you choose an iframe, it will pull out of that iframe when customers finish their purchase
  • Temp Cart: If you want to temporarily limit items as they are added to the cart, instead of after the order is placed, enter the number of minutes before others can add an item into the cart. This is ideal for flash sales that will sell OOAK items, as a higher number decreases the chances of over orders. However, it also decreases the number of sales you may receive, because a potential customer may not be able to buy an item that is in someone else's cart. Set this to 'Do not set' if you want to decrement inventory only after an order is placed (ideal for typical stores).
  • Order Button: If you would like to remove the order button, set this value to No. Otherwise, set it to Yes.
  • Self Cart: If you want to temporarily limit items as they are added to the cart, instead of after the order is placed, enter the number of minutes before a customer can add an item they previously added to the cart back into their cart. This works in conjunction with the 'Temp Cart' process; both must be set for the temporary inventory system to work.


  • Item Images: How many thumbnail images would you like to display for each item?
  • Related Images: Do you want to display images next to each related product?
  • Use Alt Keywords: Do you want to use item keywords as alt tags for images (instead of item names)?
  • Max Upload Weight: Enter the maximum KB weight for uploaded images (dependent on server settings)
  • Upload Height: Enter the pixel height used when creating auto item thumbnails.
  • Upload Width: Enter the pixel width used when creating auto item thumbnails.
  • Max Img Height: Enter the maximum pixel height at which your thumbnail images should display, or leave blank to use the actual height of the thumbnail.
  • Max Img Width: Enter the maximum pixel width at which your thumbnail images should display, or leave blank to use the actual width of the thumbnail.


  • Multi Height: Enter the pixel height of the multi column product entry, if desired
  • Multi Width: Enter the pixel width of the multi column product entry, if desired
  • Layout Style: How would you like to display pages with multiple products? Multi Column Layouts show just the thumbnail, item name and price, and link to the detail product. Other layouts show all product details, including an order button.
  • Items Per Page: How many items do you want to display on one page?
  • Product Order: How would you like to order your products?
  • Show Catalog #: Display the item catalog number to customers. Choose to show only on the site, only in the cart, both or none.
  • Show Qty Box: Display quantity box in item display pages in the catalog
  • Qty Cart Boxes: Determines how to show quantities in the shopping cart (does not affect the catalog).


  • Vertical Nav Bar: The vertical link and list navigation types will display only the main categories (Main Categories Only), main and just the first-third subcategory (Main + First-Third Subcategory), main and all sub categories (All Subcategories) or only the main categories until a category is clicked - at which time the subcategories will appear (Expanded Categories)
  • Main Categories: When a category has subcategories, do you want to display those subcategories with links, display just the products for that category and all its subcats, or both the links and the products?
  • Inactive Display: Choose Show All Categories to display catalog pages even if that category is set to inactive, Active Categories Only to only display a file not found error for inactive categories. Links will not appear if a category is inactive.
  • Show Category: Set this to Yes to show the category name under the list image on subcategory pages, No to show the image only (if it exists).
  • Page Numbers: Select Yes to display page numbering (ie. 1 | 2 | 3 ...) or No to just display Previous and Next links
  • View All Links: Show 'View All' links next to page numbers at the top of item category pages? Choose to always show View All links, never show them, or only show them if the number of pages is less than a certain value.
  • Display Features: Choose Selected category first if the featured items column on each page should show items in the selected category before other featured items. Choose Items in all categories to show all featured items, regardless of the category
  • Display New: Display just one single page of new items when the New Products link is clicked, or show the first page with page numbers to display additional pages of new items (i.e. all items, sorted new first)?
  • Additional Links: Under each additional link, click the position to choose whether you want the link to show above the category links, under the category links, or not at all. If sorting is available, you can also sort these links by clicking the handles next to each and dragging them to a different horizontal position.
    • Featured Link: Display a Featured Item link on your navigation section, if featured items exist?
    • New Item Link: Display a New Item link on your navigation section?
    • Sale Link: Display a Sale Item link on your navigation section, if sale items exist?
    • All Item Link: Display a All Item link on your navigation section?


  • Template Editor: Set this to Yes to show the HTML editor when editing a custom template, or No to use plain text HTML. Available only with certain html editors.
  • Template Images: Set this to Yes to show images when selecting site templates, or No to use a drop down box to choose a template. (Page override templates will always display in a drop down box.)
  • Item Select: Do not display the item drop down box in the administration area (a good solution for larger stores)
  • Item Options: How many options (ie. colors, sizes, styles, etc.) do you want to add per options?
  • Price Discount: Do you want to set price discounts (ie. give lower prices for multiple item purchases)?
  • Tax/Costs: Set this to Yes if you want to log your product cost and add a tax amount for items
  • Show Prices: Display prices to all visitors, or just those logged in (wholesale vendors or members)?
  • Item Thumbs: When uploading item images, should the default setting for thumbnails offer to create an auto thumbnail, use the large image, or show a blank thumbnail field?
  • Thumb Defaults: When uploading item images, should the aforementioned setting apply only when no thumbnail image exists, or always (adding or replacing thumbnails)?
  • Thumbnail Crop: When uploading item images, if the 'Automatic thumbnails' choice is selected, should the 'crop image' button be checked by default? (Store admin can still choose to crop or not; this only affects the initial default setting.)


  • Show Reviews: Do you want to display reviews on your site? Setting this to 'Yes' requires the layout to include the reviews placeholder; setting this to 'No' means the reviews will not show, regardless of the layout.
  • Blank Reviews: Select the layout(s) on which you would like to display blank stars or an 'add review' message if no reviews exist.
  • No Reviews: Enter a message (e.g. 'add a review') to show when there are no reviews in the above layouts. Leave blank to use empty stars.
  • Review Labels: Display labels for the 1-5 star rating, starting with 1 (poorest review) and ending with 5 (best review)


  • Registry Type: If you want to include a gift registry on your site, make a selection here. Choose a bridal or baby registry for a specific registry setup, or a gift registry for a general one that can be used for many occasions
  • Limited Qty: If you want to display a message that will appear when there is a limited number of items in stock, enter it here
  • Related Msg: If you want to display a message that will appear when there are related products for an item, enter it here
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