Using a Tab Delimited File To Upload Products

You will need to know how to use this file on your own as PappaShop does not fix errors created in this file by the user. If you make mistakes, we cannot troubleshoot this for you. We have tested this file and it does work if used properly. Please note, this file only inserts products, not categories or prices or photos. You must first create your categories.. But just so you know, any error within the file itself can cause it not to work, even an extra space, so if there is an error you will need to be able to diagnose it.

Log into your storeadmin and hover over Advanced and choose Global Updates

If you have many products in your store and wish to load items via a spreadsheet or text file, you can use this area to load the file.

  • Before proceeding, it is highly recommended to make a backup of your site and save it onto your computer.
  • Create a tab delimited text file that contains all the products you wish to upload. This sheet should contain:
    • A "header row" with the following headers, in the exact order specified, separated by a tab (instead of a comma as shown here): 
      Catalog, Item, Description, MetaTitle, Keywords, SmImage, LgImage, SmImage2, LgImage2, SmImage3, LgImage3, SmImage4, LgImage4, SmImage5, LgImage5, SmImage6, LgImage6, SmImage7, LgImage7, SmImage8, LgImage8, SmImage9, LgImage9, SmImage10, LgImage10, SmImage11, LgImage11, SmImage12, LgImage12, Category1, Category2, Category3, Category4, Category5, Category6, Category7, Category8, Category9, Category10, Category11, Category 12, Category13, Category14, Category15, Units, RegPrice, SalePrice, ItemCost, Wholesale, TaxPercent, Featured, WSOnly, OutOfStock, Active, DateEdited
    • Add your products, separating all fields by tabs. Use the same column format as above, and leave fields blank if you do not have any data for a field.
    • For best results, use the sample sheet provided as a guideline.
    • It is recommended that you load only a hundred or so items at one time if possible - possibly only one main category at a time - to decrease the possibility of error. That way, if you make a mistake, it is easy to delete products in that category and begin again.
    • The "Catalog" field, which contains the catalog number or part number, is the row identifier. This means that if a product in your text file has the same catalog number as another item already in your database, that item will be updated. If there is no item already in the database with that catalog number, the product will be added.
  • After the sheet has been created, use the "Browse" button to find the sheet on your computer.
  • Choose whether you wish to update options for these products. Checking this box will create options for each product you upload that are exactly like the options that the default product has. For instance, if the default product has an option "Size", with choices "Small, Medium, Large", and a second option "Color", with choices "Red, Blue, Yellow", if you check this box, all items that you upload will also have these exact same options added.
  • Select "Upload Sheet" to load the text file.


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