How to Clear Internet History

Mozilla Firefox
1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
2. Select "Options" > "Privacy" > "Saved Form Information."
3. Click "Clear" and un-check the box.
4. Click "OK" to exit.

1. Go to the "Safari" menu and select "Preferences."
2. From the menus that pop up, select "Autofill."
3. Go to "Other forms" line and select the "Edit" button.
4. From the list of sites for which AutoFill is currently being applied, select "" > "Remove" > "Done."

Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
2. Select "Internet Options" and the "Content" tab.
3. Within the "Personal information" area, select "AutoComplete."
4. Click on "Clear Forms." You can also un-check the "Forms" box in this window to keep this information from being stored in the future.
5. Click "OK" to exit.

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