Export Data

Export data into a tab delimited CSV file.

  • Product List Displays a formatted list of products, with a comma delimited list of categories, pop up pages and options, with one item on each line
  • Items Displays the raw item data directly from the database, in which categories and pop up pages are represented by their ID numbers
  • Customers Displays a list of bill-to customer contact data
  • Wholesale Displays a list of wholesale vendor contact data
  • Emails Displays a list of all order, wholesale, registry and guestbook emails
  • Categories Displays a list of categories
  • Pages Displays a list of pages in the site
  • Articles Displays a list of site articles
  • Order List Displays order details, with items appended in a comma delimited list at the end of each line
  • Order Totals Displays order totals - number of orders, total amount, total tax, total discount, total shipping - on a per-month basis.
  • Items Sold Displays items sold, along with the quantity sold, highest price sold, first date sold and last date sold
  • Registrants Displays gift registry accounts, with registry products appended in a comma delimited list to the end of each line
  • Item Reviews Displays a list of all items reviewed, along with their site visitor comments and store administrator replies.
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