Add Categories & Products 19

Every ecommerce website has a catalog. Inside that catalog are categories filled with products. Learn about categories, subcategories, parent categories, products, attributes and more by clicking this link.

Add Images To Your Site 10

Add images to your pages, products and categories. You can also add images to your website for the shopping cart, your logo. Click this link to learn more about how to manage your images and more!

Add Pages To Your Site 7

You have the ability to add pages to your site and use the ones already built in such as the main page of your site, faq page, guestbook, wholesale page etc. Click this link to learn more about how Pages work.

Advanced Settings & Extras 17

Orders, Default Items, Popup Pages, Global Updates, Order Status, Sales Reports, Gift Registry, Event Calendar, Weblinks, Articles, Gallery, Guestbook, Froogle File, Faq Creator

Site Settings, Catalog Setup, Fonts & Colors 11

Company Name, Contact Email, Site Message, Tell A Friend - Item Images, Attributes, Page Layouts, Currency, Product Order - Default font, font sizes, font colors

Tinymce WYSIWYG editor 1

Learn how the built in WYSIWYG editor works including icons and their meanings as well as table functions.

Website Template 9

We show you how to install your own template (you should already have a template created). You wll also get to know what site codes are and how they are used. How to add your own logo to your site.

Wholesale, Coupons & Gift Certificates 4

How to setup your wholesale for your vendors as well as how to issue coupons and set up Gift Certificates


 Quick Start Guide

Accessing Your Storeadmin Now that you have your website login, you can log in and start adding...